Zen Mode for macOS - 2 License. 2 Devices

$29.98 $16.49

Zen Mode for macOS

Avoid those awkward moments in public places or in presentation meetings in 1-click


- Have you ever been in a strange situation in public where you thought your speakers were on mute but they weren’t?

- Have you ever accidentally shared private information in public?

- Have you ever been embarrassed in a presentation meeting by showing apps or windows that were not supposed to be presented?

Do you wish to avoid those problems in the future? If so, then you are in the right place. 👇


With a one click away, you can "clutter free your macOS" by focusing on the task at hand.

Checkout website here: https://rebrand.ly/32lz8xi


  • Build Your Own Mode(s) - BYOM
  • Manual controls
  • Raycast integration
  • Support shortcuts app
  • many more...


Q: How many devices can be activated with a single license key?

A: 2 License. 2 Devices

Q: What is the minimum OS requirements?

A: macOS Monterey

For more info

A: Checkout website here https://rebrand.ly/32lz8xi

45% off will be applied at checkout (Code 979OZZS)
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You'll receive two license keys after the purchase. Use those keys activate the app.

$29.98 $16.49

Zen Mode for macOS - 2 License. 2 Devices

I want this!